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Why us

Our mission is focused on providing value to people and are determined to save time and energy by providing cutting-edge solutions for business, creativity, and socialization.


Internal Expertise

Extensive 15 Years of Development, Crypto start-up acceleration, and recruitment processes.


Focus on usefulness

The solution enhances people's lives by streamlining the processes, while simultaneously providing genuine value.


Sustainable Community Growth

With established social media partnerships, skills, and resources, Eontribe is ready to build a sustainable community.

How it works

We strive to lead the way in the AI revolution, spearheading advancements in areas such as personalized matching, talent acquisition, auto trading, and beyond.

Leveraging the capabilities of neural networks, we endeavor to deliver solutions that proactively address the unique requirements of the people in real time, harnessing technology as a transformative tool for personal development and achievement.

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Our Benefits

Eontribe offers a new world, allowing individuals to engage in secure and immersive interactions with like-minded individuals within a protected virtual environment.

1Being Yourself Forever

Advanced blockchain technology and rigorous protocols ensure complete confidentiality and safety, giving you the freedom to express yourself without any concerns.

2NO Spam

Innovative AI-based algorithms eliminate spam by ensuring that only individuals who have been matched through our system can contact you.

3Perfect Match

Cutting-edge AI-driven algorithms analyze the interests to provide tailored content and connect people with individuals who share their passions, sparking meaningful connections and conversations.

4Great Community

State-of-the-art technology creates a secure space that fosters authentic and trustworthy connections while safeguarding against deceitful behavior.

Case Studies



Jacob, an avid player of online team shooters, faced challenges finding suitable teammates due to conflicting schedules and lack of synergy. Upon joining EonTribe, Jacob used case studies to describe his desired partners, whether experienced players or engaging companions. EonTribe's neural network considered preferences and availability, providing real-time updates and expanding the pool of potential team members through automatic translation, while ultimately allowing Jacob to make the final decision.



Oliver, a struggling internet company owner, found it challenging to connect with suitable business partners through traditional methods. After joining EonTribe, he trained the neural network to find a partner with specific qualities. The neural network provided a list of suitable profiles, and Oliver selected two candidates for meetings scheduled according to his and the candidates' preferences. Thanks to EonTribe's accurate matching and efficient scheduling, Oliver had successful online meetings, overcoming language barriers and avoiding unsuitable partners.



Sarah, a student in a new country, faced difficulties finding rental housing until she joined EonTribe. By describing her requirements to the neural network and marking preferred locations on a map, Sarah received three suitable options. With the added feature of notifications, she quickly found an apartment that met all her criteria, saving time and bypassing unnecessary fees.



Jessica, a busy professional, used EonTribe to ensure she wouldn't miss out on a handbag from her favorite fashion brand's new collection. The neural network monitored the product's availability and automatically made the purchase when it became available, overcoming language barriers. Jessica received the handbag within days and now relies solely on EonTribe for future purchases.



Daniel, the head of an IT company, struggled to find a suitable developer until he joined EonTribe. By describing his company's needs and the desired skill set, the neural network helped him find a qualified candidate in just two days. The streamlined hiring process saved Daniel time, improved cost efficiency, and resulted in hiring an employee who not only had the required skills but also shared similar interests with the team.

Contribution to the project through the NFT Purchase

Project NFT

When DNA and Eon combine, unique heroes emerge. Each of the created characters represents an important era in the history of mankind and is included in the Eontribe NFT Collection. All of them are part of the project's ecosystem and can be used in the game.


News and Articles

Founding Team

Vladimir Malyshkin

Volodymyr Malyshkin

15+ years of experience
Founder of Ohires and Illuminates
Adviser in 30+ crypto startups

Peter Voloshyn

Peter Voloshyn

10+ years of experience
Founder at NearCoast


Headhunter agency
since 2018


Blockchain startup accelerator
since 2016


Experienced full-cycle IT/Software development company since 2019

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